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Astronaut Launch Party

Astronaut Launch Party

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Astronaut Launch Party

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"With an electronic folk agenda, but often defying many genre conventions, this inaugural offering from Astronaut Launch Party gives something new to listeners while somehow maintaining familiar musical comforts. There is a lot going on in their sound and even more nuance in the lyrics but ultimately it is a delicious sum of its parts with an enticing feeling of depth and soul. I enjoy the places the music goes to, whether it be from the pop electronica undertones to the grooving psychedelic rock heritage of the late 60s and 70s or how at times it dares to invoke operatic zeal while maintaining a complexity and vivid imagery to the lyrics that could easily be found on a Waits, Cave or Cohen track.

What we get here is a thoroughly entertaining and yet a meticulously nurtured sound that would satisfy in a live performance or a time of solace and rumination. As someone wise once said, “Buy the Ticket, take the ride”. The journey may lie within but the destination is yours to choose." Ryan Le'Dude. Discerning Listener.

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